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Power Point Presentations
2011: Saint Lucia Floods after Four Days of Rain1.43 MBDownload
2012: A Tale of Two Waves 925.50 KBDownload
2012: DRR Country Profile Document for Saint Lucia2.37 MBDownload
7.0 Earthquake Strikes Haiti3.64 MBDownload
A Manual on Safe Construction Techniques2.53 MBDownload
Caribbean Countries facing Drought during 20103.83 MBDownload
Caribbean Disaster Management Project Phase II 5.11 MBDownload
CBRN Training Workshop745.23 KBDownload
Future Challenges in Risk Mitigation for Saint Lucia1.02 MBDownload
Haiti Earthquake Jan 12, 2010 - Global Alliance for Disaster3.66 MBDownload
Iceland Volcano (Caribbean Effects)983.00 KBDownload
Kick 'em Jenny - Grenada's active undersea Volcano978.50 KBDownload
Second National Communications Workshop (SNC)1.28 MBDownload
Tsunami Preparedness, Readiness and Resilience Programmes and Activities2.08 MBDownload
Water Sector Crisis Management:3.10 MBDownload
Water Use in the Tourism Industry During Drought 769.50 KBDownload
More Information on Natural Disasters
Characteristics of a Hazard284.50 KBDownload
Hazards - Climate Change3.53 MBDownload
Hazards - Drought3.21 MBDownload
Hazards - Earthquake4.23 MBDownload
Hazards - Extreme Heat Event1.31 MBDownload
Hazards - Fire2.14 MBDownload
Hazards - Flood1.90 MBDownload
Hazards - Hurricane4.00 MBDownload
Hazards - Influenza4.10 MBDownload
Hazards - Landslide4.82 MBDownload
Hazards - Oil Spill4.94 MBDownload
Hazards - Tornado4.89 MBDownload
Hazards - Trees3.35 MBDownload
Hazards - Tsunami2.41 MBDownload
Hazards - Volcano5.08 MBDownload
Hazards - Weather Terms1.79 MBDownload