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  1. A Bill of Sight must be used to clear all goods imported for use in rehabilitation or relief following a natural disaster, whether or not such goods are accompanied by a commercial invoice, bill etc.
  2. This procedure is also applicable regardless of whether the goods are imported by or consigned to non-governmental organizations, church groups or individuals.
  3. The goods must be cleared by the National Emergency Management Organisation with the appropriate declaration provided that the Director NEMO is satisfied that the goods are indeed relief and/or rehabilitation goods.
  4. The Director NEMO must take possession of and be responsible for the distribution of those goods.
  5. The Declaration is as follows:
    “I hereby declare that these goods are relief goods and are free of duty under Section xi Paragraph 22 of the List of Conditional Duty Exemptions.”
    …………………………………    OR    ………………………………
    Director NEMO                                              Cabinet Secretary
  6. No duty/deposit will be requested if the procedure outlined is adhered to.  Duty will be demanded if the individual, company etc. who imported the goods clears same without involving NEMO regardless of the fact that the goods may have been cleared as relief or rehabilitation goods.
  7. Facsimile signatures are not acceptable, as they tend to fade over time.  However, in order to effect speedy clearance of the goods, the Bill of Sight with the facsimile signature can be accepted with the clear understanding that the original document will be presented to the Customs Officer within the shortest possible time.
  8. NEMO must be prepared to clear goods immediately upon immediately by having the necessary Customs document with the Declaration etc.
  9. It will be entirely at the Customs Officer’s discretion to determine whether relief goods should be examined.
  10. Not all goods imported as relief goods will be permitted to be cleared as such, i.e. free of duty.  The goods envisaged by the concession include but are not limited to foodstuff, clothing, building materials and bottled water.
  11. A compact disc player, television set, dishwasher, alcoholic beverages and such goods will not be categorized as relief goods.

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