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National Committees



There are (13) Thirteen National Committees and they and their roles are outlined below:

1.  HEALTH: Chaired by the Chief Medical Officer, whose sole responsibility is to ensure the health of the nation continues to be addressed after a disaster.

 2.  TELECOMMUNICATION: Presently chaired by a Teacher at the Entrepot Secondary School, who is also a radio operator and responsible for ensuring that communication is widely available to the Emergency Operation Center Partners, especially during a disaster when all other more accessible means of communication fails.

 3.  TRANSPORTATION: Chaired by the Private Sector ensuring that whether by land, sea or air, areas inaccessible are still reached and relief supplies can be delivered to the victims.

 4.  SUPPLIES: The Cadet Corp chairs that committee and along with the other eighteen (18) member sub committees, takes up the role of getting the necessary supplies where needed.

 5.  EMERGENCY SHELTER: The Chief Education Officer handles this responsibility since the majority of Saint Lucia shelters are schools.  The others are Churches, Community Centers, Mothers and Fathers Halls etc.

 6.  WELFARE: Responsibility falls to Saint Lucia Red Cross for the first seventy two (72) hours after a disaster for persons in shelters and other supplies necessary for relief are available when needed, to be distributed working through the other relevant National Committee Chair persons.

7.  PUBLIC INFORMATION AND EDUCATION: Government Information Service takes the lead in ensuring that the information disseminated, is factual and does not create unnecessary widespread panic because of half truths and sensationalism.

 8.  DAMAGE ASSESSMENT AND NEEDS ANALYSIS: Is  handled by an Engineer who, after an adverse event, ensures the assessment of the affected areas.

 9.  EMERGENCY WORKS: Like Damage Assessment, the leader is the Chief Engineer in the Ministry of Infrastructure, whose responsibility is to ensure the damaged community or country’s’ infrastructure returns to normalcy in the quickest possible time.

 10. HOSPITALITY CRISIS MANAGEMENT UNIT: A unit set up within the Ministry of Tourism, chaired by the Permanent Secretary whose responsibility is ensuring the safety and well being of the visitors to our shores, and the return to normalcy of the Tourism Sector as a whole.

 11. STRESS MANAGEMENT: This unit is chaired by the Director of Human Services.

 12. OIL SPILLS: Chaired by Saint Lucia Air and Sea Ports Authority.

 13. HAZMAT: Chaired by the Chief Sustainable Development Officer in the Ministry of Sustainable Development.