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NEMO'S Annual Reports
NEMO Annual Report 20191.79 MBDownload
NEMO Annual Report 20124.39 MBDownload
NEMO Annual Report 20112.28 MBDownload
NEMO Annual Report 2010785.41 KBDownload
NEMO Annual Report 2009656.12 KBDownload
NEMO Annual Report 20082.79 MBDownload
NEMO Annual Report 2007795.84 KBDownload
NEMO Annual Report 2006844.13 KBDownload
NEMO Annual Report 20051.22 MBDownload
NEMO Annual Report 20041.09 MBDownload
NEMO Annual Report 20031.06 MBDownload
NEMO Annual Report 20021.06 MBDownload
NEMO Annual Report 20011.54 MBDownload
NEMO Annual Report 20001.67 MBDownload
Annual Report 20131.53 MBDownload
General Documents
2023 List of Emergency Shelters259.44 KBDownload
A Resource Guide for Teachers - Disaster Awareness for Schools784.27 KBDownload
After Action Review of Saint Lucia’s Response to Hurricane Tomas of 20103.50 MBDownload
Annual Climatological bulletin, 20121.02 MBDownload
CDEMA - Call for Papers1.13 MBDownload
Climatalogical Bulletin 20127.32 MBDownload
Community Emergency Plan1.77 MBDownload
Community Evacuation Plan for Beausejour & Caye Mangé - Gros Islet 1.17 MBDownload
Disaster Information Kit for the Media2.11 MBDownload
Disaster Planning Shopping List44.05 KBDownload
Disaster Risk Reduction - Country Profile for Saint Lucia3.40 MBDownload
Family Disaster Supplies Calendar43.00 KBDownload
Family Emergency Plan1.57 MBDownload
Final Saint Lucia Country Document1.80 MBDownload
Hurricane Tomas Damage Assessment Report6.74 MBDownload
Initial Damage Report for Hurricane Ivan September 7, 200421.53 KBDownload
Report of the Eastern Caribbean Donor Group For Disaster Management Rapid Needs Assessment Team to Saint Lucia785.40 KBDownload
Saint Lucia National Risk Register 2006142.27 KBDownload
The Saint Lucia Hazard Mitigation Plan1.02 MBDownload
Tropical Storm Emily Damage and Needs Assessment Report21.57 KBDownload
Tsunami Reports
2011 SLU Tsunami Report to ICG-IOC [SLU]521.56 KBDownload
2010 SLU Tsunami Report to ICG-IOC [SLU]21.59 KBDownload
2009 SLU Tsunami Report to ICG-IOC [SLU]21.59 KBDownload
2008 SLU Tsunami Report to ICG-IOC [SLU]21.59 KBDownload
Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA) Reports
2004 HFA Report171.79 KBDownload
2007 HFA Report156.13 KBDownload
2009 HFA Report26.94 KBDownload
2011 HFA Report44.28 KBDownload
Final Revision SLU CP-DRR December 20123.36 MBDownload
Educational Materials
NEMO ABC Book2.17 MBDownload
NEMO Tsunami Book7.77 MBDownload
The NEMO Workbook2.05 MBDownload
Model Plans
Backup Guide403.00 KBDownload
Boat343.50 KBDownload
Building Inspection Form158.50 KBDownload
Business (BIG)793.00 KBDownload
Business (ONE MAN)211.50 KBDownload
Business (SMALL)UnknownDownload
Church214.00 KBDownload
Crisis Centre393.00 KBDownload
Dental799.50 KBDownload
Evacuation Template275.50 KBDownload
Family Plan3.20 MBDownload
Financial793.00 KBDownload
Food815.50 KBDownload
History330.00 KBDownload
Laboratory139.00 KBDownload
Library224.00 KBDownload
Marina Storm105.00 KBDownload
Mass Crowd Events Policies and Guidelines886.02 KBDownload
Nursing Home170.50 KBDownload
Preschool620.00 KBDownload
School668.50 KBDownload
Senior Home184.00 KBDownload
Vet753.50 KBDownload
Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (VCA)
Belair Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment3.03 MBDownload
Bexon Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment2.36 MBDownload
La Resource, Vieux-Fort Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment2.54 MBDownload
Millet Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment2.51 MBDownload