Monday, February 19, 2018

National Emergency Plans

Civil Unrest654.83 KBDownload
Damage Assessment and Needs Analysis [DANA] Plan2.89 MBDownload
Earthquake Response Plan2.67 MBDownload
Emergency Response Plan for the Homeless150.16 KBDownload
Emergency Shelter Plan324.73 KBDownload
Hazard Mitigation Plan156.40 KBDownload
Hazardous Materials Response Plan3.13 MBDownload
Hurricane Plan6.56 MBDownload
Hurricane Response Plan659.26 KBDownload
Landslide Response Plan1.22 MBDownload
Maritime Search and Rescue Plan467.73 KBDownload
Medical Waste and Other Bio-Hazardous Wastes Management Plan611.28 KBDownload
National Mass Casualty Management Plan5.62 MBDownload
Oil Spill Contingency Plan2.13 MBDownload
Relief Distribution Plan2.72 MBDownload
Response Plan for Extreme Heat Event1.88 MBDownload
Saint Lucia Flood Plan411.03 KBDownload
Stress Management Response Team Plan146.81 KBDownload
Telecommunications Plan198.19 KBDownload
Transportation Plan in Disasters223.16 KBDownload
Urban Search and Rescue Plan496.05 KBDownload
Volcanic Ash Contingency Plan431.32 KBDownload
Volcanic Eruption Response Plan2.61 MBDownload
Volcanic Hazard Assessment for Saint Lucia, Lesser Antilles3.77 MBDownload
Water Management Plan for Drought Conditions3.00 MBDownload
Well Being Plan385.72 KBDownload
Wildfire Management Plan275.52 KBDownload

Evacuation Procedures

Black Mallet Evacuation Plan260.50 KBDownload
Community Evacuation Plan - Beausejour/Caye Mange1.17 MBDownload
Community Evacuation Plan - Bisee316.25 KBDownload
Community Evacuation Plan - Black Mallet / Maynard Hill - Castries298.86 KBDownload
Community Evacuation Plan - Boguis284.30 KBDownload
Community Evacuation Plan - Castries City460.22 KBDownload
Community Evacuation Plan - Micoud Village401.81 KBDownload
Evacuation Procedures Volume 1: Concept of Operations141.93 KBDownload
Evacuation Procedures Volume 2 - Emergency Shelters List404.35 KBDownload
Evacuation Procedures Volume 5: Traffic Management Plan132.52 KBDownload
Evacuation Procedures Volume 6 – Model Community Plan260.50 KBDownload

National Influenza Plan

NIP Volume 0 - Bird Flu Policy396.23 KBDownload
NIP Volume 1 - Concept of Operations432.10 KBDownload
NIP Volume 2 - Strategic Plan186.80 KBDownload
NIP Volume 3 - Communications Strategy1.03 MBDownload
NIP Volume 4 - Ministry of Health508.11 KBDownload
NIP Volume 5 - Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF)668.81 KBDownload
NIP Volume 6 - Ministry of Education404.35 KBDownload
NIP Volume 7 - Ministry of National Security107.31 KBDownload
NIP Volume 8 - Essential Services20.40 KBDownload
NIP Volume 8 - Government of Saint Lucia - Public Service147.75 KBDownload
NIP Volume 8 - Guidelines for the Transport Sector380.33 KBDownload
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