Monday, February 19, 2018

Member Bios

Below are Bios of NEMO's Organisation Members

Velda Joseph - Director

Julian Dubois -Deputy Director

Chrisanphie Epiphane - Secretary

Ivaline Joseph - Inventories Officer

Ms Joseph joined the organization in December 2013.


Hildreth Augustin - Mass Crowd Events Officer

Hildreth has over 20 years of experience as a Disaster Manager.
He is a former Chair of the National Transport Committee and now holds the post of Mass Crowd Events Officer





Andrew George - Training Officer

Andrew is trained in Human Resource Development which makes him perfect of the job of Training Officer.   Never a dull moment for him as his job takes him to the different communities and business houses island-wide and sometimes out of state.

He loves what he does and it shows in his deliveries and willingness to assist all who ask.

He is a graduate of St. Mary's College and the A' Level College.

He joined  NEMO in 2008 and is the former Mass Crowd Events Officer.





Malcolm Job - Maintenance Officer

Malcolm joined NEMO HQ in 2011 and is a valued member of staff. He is a graduate of Leon Hess Comprehensive Secondary School, a lover of education and is currently studying Telecoms at NEMO.  He is also a bartender by profession and is very passionate about healthy living.






Daniel Isembert - Driver

Daniel has been the driver at NEMO since 2006. He is a graduate of the Vide Boutielle Secondary school and an avid footballer player.






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